Log Horizon: Collection 2 DVD

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Even as Shiroe slowly learn the secrets behind the creation of the World Fraction spell, the origin of the Demi-humans and how his own actions in the Real World have affected the world in which he now dwells, the seeds of thought he's planted in the minds of others begin to bear fruit. Game strategy and tactics may have been intended for amusement, but their origins were pulled from actual war planning and stratagems, and as others begin to accept and implement those theories on their own, the existing alliances and balance of power begin to shift. And those changes can't possibly come quickly enough, as the adventurers' preoccupations have allowed the Goblins to unite and amass a giant army. Now the Goblins are on the march, and as the Estal Lords debate their course of action, Minori makes a dangerous gamble and initiates action on her own. And in the midst of this MMORPG turned real, an unassuming Princess may prove to be the key to ultimate victory. Flesh and blood replaces Avatars and Stat Lists as an entire world stands on the brink of Apocalypse in LOG HORIZON - COLLECTION 2!


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